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2021 Fall Semester Opening and the First Class Meeting for International Students

2021 Fall Semester Opening & the First Class Meeting for International Students


According to the Jiangsu College of Tourism 2021 International Students Enrollment Work Plan. All the international students have completed online registration on September 28th. According to the general requirements of the school, the Overseas Education department, together with the Department of International Business and the Department of Tourism Management, jointly launched the new student enrollment education activities. 

On the afternoon of September 30th, in the W402 meeting room of the Administration Building, the counselor, Ms. Shu Mengya, organized the 213 Marketing Class and the 213 Hotel Management Class for international students to gather in the online class. The head teachers Yao Liang and Chen Yuena gave a detailed introduction to international student management regulations and the city and campus scenery, especially reminding students to abide by the teaching order, paying attention to the correct use of the learning platform and equipment debugging, and send a message to the students, “Learning is not postponed. The quality of learning is not compromised.” Cheng Yan, Dean of Overseas Education Department, Yang Zhenfang, Deputy Secretary of the Department of International Business, and Gu Ying, Deputy Secretary of the Department of Tourism Management, participated in the on-site guidance. The interaction between teachers and students was enthusiastic in the class. The students were deeply attracted by the beautiful scenery of Yangzhou and the strength of Jiangsu College of Tourism. They expressed their deep desire to come to our college as soon as possible and integrate into the big family of our college.

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