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Notice of the Final Exam for International Students In the First Semester of 2021-2022 Academic Year

Notice of the Final Exam for International Students

In the First Semester of 2021-2022 Academic Year


Dear International Students,

You were unable to return to school and take exams due to the outbreak of Covid-19. In order to ensure the smooth progress of the final exam of this semester, the details of the final exam of this semester are notified as follows:

1.Exam Time

10th January, 2022-17thJanuary,2022

2.Exam Method

All courses in this semester will take a variety of online exams. The exam content, exam form and platform selection are independently selected and determined by each course teacher in combination with the characteristics of each course to ensure that the examination reflects the actual level of students as accurately and objectively as possible.

3.Exam Discipline

(1) Before the examination, you should make preparations according to the requirements of teachers of each subject one week in advance, and overcome the time difference to take the exam on time. In the exam process, you need to actively cooperate, abide by the exam integrity, complete the test questions independently, and submit the test paper within the prescribed time.

(2) According to the school regulations, you are generally not allowed to ask for personal leave during the exam period. If you can’t take the exam on time due to special circumstances, you should submit the application for postponing the exam in advance and attach relevant certificates. After getting the approval, you can postpone the exam. The students who postpone the exam should take the exam of the same major in the next academic year.

(3) Students who do not take the exam without asking for leave or without approval will be considered as absent from the exam. The course will be marked with a score of zero and marked "absent from the exam" and must be retaken.

(4) Students who fail to pass the examination must take a make-up examination. They can take one make-up examination. The make-up examination is usually arranged at the beginning of the next semester, according to the time set by the academic affairs office.




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