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Notice of 2020 Spring Semester Registration for International Students of Jiangsu College of Tourism

Notice of 2020 Spring Semester Registration for International Students of 

Jiangsu College of Tourism

Dear international students

Our school has issued you the admission letter in April 2020, but the world virus epidemic has affected our normal school opening time. In order to ensure both teaching and epidemic prevention, our school will officially open on October 19, 2020. The relevant matters are hereby notified as follows:

1. Procedures for enrollment: Please fill in the Enrollment Form and send it to the application agent before September 11, 2020. The agent will confirm the enrollment and registration. If you do not complete the admission confirmation and registration procedures within the specified time, we consider that you have waived your admission qualification.

2. Teaching method: Our school will adopt online teaching method from October 19, 2020. The first academic year is mainly about learning Chinese. Specific teaching plans and class management measures will be notified separately.

3.Date of arrival in China: At an appropriate date, the Chinese Government will issue a notice to reinstate the visa. Once receiving the notice of resuming your visa,we will immediately issue you the JW202 visa application form and notify the Chinese Embassy to ensure your smooth arrival at our school.

Please actively participate in the network course, study hard, take more exercise, guard against the virus. We look forward to meeting you in the beautiful city of Yangzhou, China.

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Jiangsu College of Tourism

3rd september,2020

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